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Friday, April 15, 2016

Choosing a Certified Professional Installer

For homeowners looking to hire a contractor to install their fence, we understand that finding the right installer is essential. At ActiveYards® we've built our business around an exclusive network of authorized dealers who work hand-in-hand with homeowners throughout the selecting, buying and installing process. We call this our “Certified Pro” network.

How does the process work? After locating your nearest authorized dealer, we'll take it from there!

We believe your experience should be as simple as possible and we are pleased to offer a full service package. This includes everything from coming to your home to measure your yard and discussing our wide portfolio of fencing products, all the way to providing complete professional installation services.

We also welcome customers to stop directly into a showroom to browse our extensive offering and talk with an educated and dedicated team of professionals.

Benefits of using a Certified Professional Installer:
1.       All ActiveYards Certified Pros are thoroughly trained and certified to support and service our products.
2.       A professional will handle all planning, preparation, demolition of the old fence and clean-up of fence project once completed.
3.       A professional installer will know how to install fences to meet wind and pool codes and warranty fulfillments.

We will help you every step of the way – the result of the choices you make will provide you with your “fencing solutions for life!”

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