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Thursday, October 6, 2016

How Do You “Frame Your Life”?

For us, we help consumers frame their life by offering a wide variety of vinyl and aluminum fencing products that we refer to as “fencing solutions for life®.” Life will change considerably over time, and with ActiveYards® fencing, we’ll be there along the way. Part of a new marketing campaign that speaks to this was recently launched with our first ever national broadcast television commercial – this one featuring our line of Fusion™ Series privacy fencing. What we are calling the “Frame Your Life” commercial highlights the Fusion Sequoia product in a tug-at-your-heartstrings view of life changing moments that happen over several decades, proving that ActiveYards is truly a fencing solution that will be there for a lifetime.
With the Fusion Series, you get beauty, security and serenity ideal for any outdoor living space. Sequoia offers a modern and sophisticated look of combining ActiveYards patented GlideLock® boards with a matte black aluminum frame with hidden fasteners. The patented GlideLock design locks pickets tightly into place without any gaps and SolarGuard® helps protect the color of the fence from harmful rays of the sun.
In the commercial you will see as life changes the ActiveYards fence always stays the same.

Look for our new commercial airing on national television stations including HGTV, TNT, Bravo and CNN. To view it for yourself, please visit our YouTube page or click here for video.


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