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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wood Look Without the Wood Work

Introducing our new color Saddlewood to the Cambium Series!

In addition to Birchwood, Redwood, and Wicker ActiveYards released a new Cambium and Fusion Series color Saddlewood!

·   Wooden fences add a certain charm to a home that other fences may not be able to provide.  What many people do not realize is wooden fences require a high level of maintenance to keep it looking new.  Traditional wooden fences require regular cleaning with a pressure washer to help deter any rot or decay.  Wooden fences are also susceptible to cracks and splints which can cause mold, mildew, and rot and need to be replaced.  Additional chemicals need to be purchased and applied such as water sealant to prevent mold and mildew.

· ActiveYards® Cambium fencing provides the same look and feel of a traditional wooden fence without the regular maintenance.  Cambium fences were designed to give your fence a convincing wood look so it blends with the natural beauty of your backyard without all the wood work.  Cambium technology is an innovative new wood grain finish inspired by the natural endurance of trees.  Unlike traditional wooden fences, Cambium fences will never fade, crack, split, or grow mildew, guaranteed.  Like all ActiveYards fences, Cambium fences are under our lifetime warranty, so you can live worry free for all the seasons ahead.

· Cambium fences come standard with ActiveYards’
        SolarGuard technology to keep the wood appearance for years
        to come.

Cambium Series Saddlewood

Sequoia Fusion Series Wicker

Cambium Series Birchwood

Cambium Series Redwood




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